Monday, April 22, 2013

The Full House house (풀 하우스) has been destroyed.

Back in 2007, there was a popular miniseries on Korean TV called "Full House" (풀 하우스) starring Song Hye-Gyo (송 혜교) and Rain (비).  It was one of the first Korean TV shows I ever saw.  Recently, I took a trip to Si Island, a.k.a. Sido (시도), which is northwest of Incheon, to see the famous house from the series.  It took quite a long time to get there from downtown Seoul.  When I arrived at the beach that was indicated by the signs and tourist maps as being the location of the house, I saw nothing.  I proceeded to frantically explore the coastline, thinking I had taken a wrong turn, and started worrying about not being able to find the house before the day's last return ferry to Incheon.  Then it hit me:  the pile of rubble at the cordoned-off "construction site" I had walked by several times WAS the house.  It had been torn down.  No more picket fence.  No more spiral staircase.  No chance to sing the Three Bears song in the same place where Ji-eun, Song Hye-Gyo's character, had once sung it.   There stood nearby a dilapidated old ticket booth with faded pictures of Rain in an open shirt still posted in its windows.  In big bold letters, another sign in its windows shouted "CLOSED." No kidding!

Since I had come so far, I sang the Three Bears song anyway with the rubble as my background.