Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yoon Minwoo 

I haven't travel all over the Je-ju but someone ask me to recommend a place for look around.
I'll propose Kim-nyoung maze park.
Kim-nyoung maze park places in Kim-nyoung, it's north-east of Je-ju island.
It takes about twenty minutes to Kim-nyoung from Je-ju city hall by a car.
If you need to use public transportation punch a bus ticket to Man-jang cave from terminal.
 Kim-nyoung maze park established by american professor F.H. Dustin.
He was a professor of Je-ju university.
Adrine fisher is a famouse maze designer, he designed maze includes symbols of Je-ju's history.
Professor Dustin planted first tree of maze park in 1987.
It was been five years from he embodied maze park.
Eight years later, trees were grow enough,  professor Dustin opened maze park for free in 1995.
 Special thing of Kim-nyoung maze park is maze made by trees not stones or concrete.
Species of tree is Leylandii, it makes feel in the woods to who visit maze park.
And in Kim-nyoung maze park has well decorated tiny garden not only maze.
In these day, they raising lots of cats for who loves animals.

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