Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A never forgotten day in the airport

by Kim Da Jeong

Last August, I went to travel to China with my sister. When we went to Shanghai we just bought one-way tickets, because we hadn’t decided how many days we would be in Shanghai. And we arrived in Shanghai, the teacher helped me buy ticket, because we didn’t have China credit card so we didn’t buy a homecoming ticket.
 We met the teacher also had a great time in Shanghai for 6days. Finally, the day came for us to leave. We arrived early at the airport. When we saw the ticket, we found my sister’s name was misspelled. A teacher had confused two spellings of the name.
 We quickly asked airline personnel about this. But they said there was no ways correcting spelling. So we got a refuse for the ticket, and bought new ticket. But at that time they had already sold out all economy class air tickets. So we had no choice but to buy a first-class air ticket.

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