Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's that sound?

                            by Lee Nan Young

In 2011, one afternoon, it was a normal hot and sunny day in K.L, Malaysia. I should had brought my daughter home from school by car. Before just until my departure, I had been working harder and harder nearer to the closing time.
Although I’d felt a bit tired, I had just started up the car engine, and then stepped on the accelerator pedal slowly. But my mind was still being full of my work. Suddenly I heard a noise like a plastic bag rustling. So I stopped going. I looked around me and outside the car while I was sitting in the car seat. I couldn’t find anything so I stepped on the accelerator pedal again. But I frightened by the noise became louder than before. I couldn’t leave because I suspected my car to be wrong. At that moment, my heart rate became a lot faster. So I got down from the car and then I looked around the car carefully. After that I was frightened by on the right side of the car and I couldn’t find the words. My car had already been crashed seriously against a pillar of the parking lot. The rustling plastic bag noise had been from my car with a pillar. The fact is that I had not slept for 2 days because of hard work and I’d stepped on the pedal while putting the car in reverse gear, so finally it was happened. I was being like a drunk driving. I had been so tired that I dozed off behind the wheel. It was a scary experience. After all I had to pay 2,500,000 won(US $2,200) for the repairs on my car, I didn’t finish my work within that day and I had to ask my friend to bring my daughter home. 
After this experience, I have tried to reduce working than before and when I do not feel well because of lack of sleep, I don’t drive. Experts said that lack of sleep can reduce immune functioning, is linked to obesity, a greater risk of depression and makes workers less effective during the day.

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