Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Lasec Operation

by Lim Gookh Hwa
These days, I can see everything without glasses. Before, I had bad vision and couldn’t do all things. I was very inconvenienced. So I decided to have a Lasek operation. I had wanted to take this operation as soon as possible.
 Directly after my final tests were finished, I went to the best hospital in Gawng-ju with mom. First, nurse dropped various eyedrops on me for the check. And then I could meet a doctor who was wearing glasses. I was definitely nervous. When we came back home, my parents were concerned about it. I was also worried, but I had a plan that I would certainly have the Lasec Operation at this winter vacation.  
 It was very quickly finished. it might have just taken 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Doctor had been talking during all the period in order to relax me.
I can’t see clearly yet because it’s only been 3 weeks. Sometimes it makes me mad. If I read a book for a long time, my sight becomes bad quickly. I would like my eyes rapidly.  

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