Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hospice and Carnegie

by Yu-Jin Han

Do you happen to know hospice? I asked someone who is seated next to me what hospice is. She said it may be an animal hospital. But it is not correct. It is care for patients who is meeting death until they die. By chance, I found 'the hospice volunteer education' operating in Jeju University Hospital by my acquaintance. As a future nurse, I thought it could be helpful to improve my values and positive to experience further. So I applied to that. Actually It was hectic because of my things such as tiresome major educations. I had to run to the Jeju University Hospital as soon as I finished school. But in such busy days, I felt my passion burning into my heart. And then I received a certificate for the 18 hour session. Through this education, I learned how to approach and understand patients, pain management, infection management, and funeral procedures. Above of all, the word for 'death' vaguely worried came to me and I thought life of present time is precious and think that I would live faithfully.

Story 2
'I can do nothing. I am shy.' In this way, I was short of confidence. By chance, I found education of Carnegie who is known as a relationship between humans. Seeing its detailed titles, I thought it was necessary for me. And I thought It was an opportunity to improve my confidence. So I applied to that. There, I made a presentation in front of many students by preparing something to speak/say/talk about. Also I screamed to someone who wasn't getting along, played a variety of unexpected situations. Most of all, I saw passion and efforts through the other students. Moreover, I discovered my unknown aspects. And I thought through my advantages such as patience, efforts and sincerities, I could overcome my drawbacks. Finally, I won't forget their passion.

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