Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can we start the café in Jeju?
Café Ms. Choi’s bread coffee shop 

Who is she? Choi Eun Byul
Where she live? Hyeopjae-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si
When did she arrive? It’s been a year since she emigrated to the Jeju.
How much does it cost to open the café? About 65 million won. (It includes the cost
of café repairs, private home and interiors)
What she previous job is? Film marketing. For example, Scandal Maker and 7th Grade
Civil Servant.
What does she do nowadays? She lives in comfortable by baking cheese cakes and
muffins etc.

Have you ever heard “Ms. Choi’s bread coffee shop” before?
I want to introduce this caféthat people don’t know. It was located in Hyeopjae-ri,
Hallim-eup, Jeju-si. What’s interesting about the caféis that the owner of the caféwas
a famous movie marketer in Seoul. However, she long dreamed of free and easy life.
Finally, she came down to Jeju and opened the café She made the caféspecially to
hold the stone house which is famous in Jeju. The caféis a combination of low stone
house with flat roofs of Jeju traditional figure and modern remodeling, the sum of
which is creates a classical atmosphere. It looks like just a house, but you’ll be very
surprised if you enter the café There are many interesting things, quilts by handmade,
old cameras and flashlight, phones, pictures, DVDs etc. These unique products can’t be
seen everywhere. The cafe serves some coffees, teas, juices, bakeries such as brownie,
egg-tart, pepper cookies. Especially brownies are pretty small, not big ones, but it really
delicious. And milk ice flake which is released in the summer isn’t too sweet and can’t
find anywhere. Lastly the reason why I introduce this caféis starting caféby Ms.choi in
Jeju has particular reason. In these times of excessive competition, she chose a
alternative life and resolutely moved to Jeju. And then she found her meaning of life in
Jeju. Through her bravery and challenge, I got the time which makes think about what
true happiness is in life.
I recommend visiting this caféto someone who comes down in Jeju or live in Jeju. It
opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 21:00 PM(closed on thursday).
In addition to, if you would like more information about the café enter this site:


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