Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Olle Course 16 & Restaurant Salad&MIMI

Ji hye Lee

I like walking JEJU Olle Road. so I walked many courses.
Now, I will try to introduce Olle course 16 and healthy food restaurant salad &
MIMI which is located on the middle of course 16.
this course consists of coastal highway. so you can enjoy the combination of green
and blue like a sea, mountain and sky.
it starts at Go-Nae port and finishes at Gwang Ryoung. In this course, I could see
a peaceful small villlage and old castle and a field with stone fence.
Finally I could see a restaurant salad & MIMI. Origianally, this restaurant had
famous restaurant in seoul. But The owner transferred to his restaurant and home
at JEJU.
In this restaurant, there are so many healthy fusion food. the most popular food is
salad pizza. this menu is salads are on the pizza. so it doesn't taste oily. this
restaurant's pasta also delicious. I ate mushroom Aglio e Olio. It was really good.
and there are so many kind of salads made of fresh vegetable, and seasonal fruit.
All of pasta , pizza and salad 's prices are ₩15000~ 19000. Moreover, all of
breads are made of corase grain and their ingredients are made of korean farmer's
crop and all of menus are made in this restaurant. Some people bought home made
product like granola, jam, and cookies. And this restaurant make a new recipe
continuously using jeju's special material like jeju black pig, potato, shrimp.
Who wants to eat healthy food using organic food and try to eat unusual menu, I
recommend this restaurant. you can enjoy the jeju's nature and feel comfortable.

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