Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In your tour of Jeju, do not miss out on Jungmun Beach

There are many beautiful beaches in Jeju. If you should go to a trip to the island
from the beach is only natural. If so, you've got to go once there is a place to do.
is Jungmun Beach!

Jungmun Beach is located in the Seogwipo. When you arrive at Jungmun, you can
find Jungmun Tourist Information Center that have many tourist attractions,
including beaches and will be able to find another beautiful places.
there are several features Jungmun Beach compared with other beaches.
first, in itself is a tourist destination so easy to go visiting the other beautiful
attractions and there is a columnar zone you can see an unusual rock.
above all, Jungmun beache have strong wave the best place to play.
there are also circumstances where you can enjoy various water sports are
equipped. Water skiing, banana boating, wakeboarding, and even still you can enjoy
surfing. in summer i almost every day go to Jungmun to enjoy it.
while have a huge wave surfing has naturally feel alive

If you are surfing for the first time, learning about borrowing equipment 30,000
won to 20,000 won will be charged. If you could surf, don't need to pay for
learning. enjoy it all day !

there is anything to do significantly Jungmun beach waves flowing in the opposite
direction, especially Ian stream flows must be taken to a safe. If you need to surf,
especially a strong body is needed.

at last Jungmun beach is near by the city also is close to accommodation is
obvious choice.

Jungmun beach so different from the other island's beaches have some of these

Come hear! JE-JU an feel!

- Kang Seunggyun

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