Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Byul Bit Nu Lee Gong Won

Have you ever heard about Byul Bit Nu Lee Gong Won? it has just opened 1 or 2 years ago, so even if you have had an experience of travelling to Jeju before, it might be totally new. It is located near Jeju National University but there's no bus to go there directly so you should take a bus that goes to Seo gwi po through 5.16 roads and you'd better get off at Chun Gang bus stop right after the JNU entrance bus stop. The entrance fee is W5,000 won for adults(children and teenager fees are more cheaper than that) and you can book the admission tickets by its web-site (http://star.jejusi.go.kr/). It is an astronomical observatory that gives you a chance to watch the universe by doing some experimental activities. For example there's a motion simulator which can ride with 8 people at the same time it will makes you feel variety effects (Water jet, Air Jet, Leg Trigger, Etc.) during watching some animations also there's a planetarium where can watch videos that related the universe with huge screen. Moreover they will provide some guide programs to you if you want. Why don't you go there? it looks like a place just for children or family at the first appearance but it is also well known for the one of best place for a date these days.

- Kang Hyunjin

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