Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Won-Ang Waterfall

There are many famous places in Jeju. But also, There are many places which many people don't know and don't here about. Now, I'd like to introduce one which you might not know. Do you know Won-Ang waterfall? Won-Ang waterfall is located in Don-Nae-Ko stream. Won-Ang waterfall is 300meters far away from the entrance. "Won-Ang" means a mandarin duck in English. It is small and cute like a mandarin duck. Because the speed of water of the waterfall is very slow, you can feel peaceful. The route toward the waterfall is made of wood and is narrow. Because It is surrounded by many big trees, you can feel cool.
The length of the waterfall is 5meters. It is very short. The color of the pool at the bottom of the waterfall is emerald. To relax your body and your eyes, this is a good place.

- Kang Jongseok

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