Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Apple Tree Bar - A Review

I'd like to introduce a bar on the JeJu city hall street. The name of
this bar is "the Apple Tree", is located at the corner of the batting
cages in the city hall street.

On arrival, you might be surprised by the interior and the mood.
Because this bar uses candle lamps, the light is lower than others.
However, you can feel calm and peaceful. I think that it is the best
place not only to hang out with a few friends but also to want to
drink alone. If you are with your friends, this mood will make your
friendship more strong. If you are alone, you will be in the mood of
sweet musics. Although the space of this bar is small, it is silent.
And also, this bar has kind employees that will satisfy you. The best
pro of this bar is the price of alcohol. It is more inexpensive than
the prices at other bars. Although the beer prices are the same, the
whisky is much inexpensive. You might be surprised by the prices of
alcohol again.

Because I like to drink whisky, I prefer this bar.
I'd like to recommend it to those who want to drink inexpensive
alcohol and to eat simple side dishes such as French fry and dry

 - Kang Jongseok

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