Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. Pizza in City Hall - A Review

 This is a review of Mr.pizza in city hall.

I went to Mr.pizza last Friday(May. 6. 2011) with my lab family
(6 people). I was very hungry because I had participated in a lab
meeting. the lab meeting had lasted three hours, so we decided to
eat dinner at the Mr.pizza in city hall. Inside the restaurant, it was
comparatively hot, and there were many people. Restaurant is very
small with ten colorful tables and many comfortable chairs. Also, this
restaurant had a salad bar in the center. And I saw peaple making
pizza through the big glass. I looked at the pizza maker. It was
obvious that he was annoyed. But the staff treated people kindly. We
ordered a large size Gesalmontang pizza (₩20,720), a large size
Omyrib pizza (₩21,200), Coke, 15 hot wings (₩9,900), and used the
salad bar. the salad bar was set out buffet style. My Frist impression
was the economical nature of the salad bar. But many kinds of salad
was not ready. Not so good. The frist food arrived our table. frist
food was the hot wings. the hot wings was very delicious and not
spicy. But wings was very small. Next, the main food arrived two
different pizzas. The Gesalmontang pizza was covered in crab. So It
tasted very soft and light. I like this pizza. But another pizza, the
Omyrib pizza, was the worst. When I tasted the pizza, It had only a
sweet tasted. So the Gesalmontang pizza very good, other pizza was
the tasted bad.

Finally, I thought about Mr.pizza price, which is right. The taste was
normal. And It was large in quantity.

 - Yang Yongjin

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