Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saryeoni Forest

Let me introduce Saryeoni forest road. It's in the mountain road in near by Jeolmul. It's from Bizarim to Namwon. Its altitude is about 500m. That road is about 15km. It takes about 3hours to walk from start point to end. It's very beautiful and unique forest. There are a various of trees and plants. Moreover, there are even a few Oreum in Saryeoni forest oreum. A various of animals live in it, too. It's healty to walk in Sareoni. I recommend to take a walk in the forest road. You can take it easy with breathing clean and fresh air.
We can go to there by bus or car. There are a few bus to go there from Jeju city. Have a chance to walk in nature.
 - Kim Jihwan

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