Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jeju Olle Course 12

Jeju olle course 12 is a beautiful course in the west. This is almost 6 hours spent time on the Olle course. First of all, it starts at Jeju Eco-friendly Cultural Experience. And then following the Olle signs, you can see fields. There are many potato fields and garlic fields. And there is fresh air and the pond of Sindo. On the path, you can walk through countryside and listen to the natural sound like bird songs so on. It’s so peaceful.
Next, I want to introduce a famous path in Olle course 12. There is Suwolbong, Dangsanbong and Eongal coast. From Suwolbong on the peak, you can see a group of small islands: Chagwido, Jukdo, Nunseom and Dansanbong and eongal coast on the west coast of Jeju. You can get blue sky, blue sea and green lands in your sight. That’s beautiful view! Suwolbong and the coast are famous places for scenery in the west.     
Finally, the highlight of course 12 is the coast around Dangsanbong. It’s also my favorite path in Olle course 12. I especially love the sunset glow that is spread out over the evening sky and sea. The sunset scenery here is gorgeous. So I usually hang out here at sunset. It is fantastic and I feel excited.

- Kim Jiyun

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