Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jeju Phoenix Island

I would like to introduce jeju phoenix island. Jeju phoenix island is a very beautiful resort. This place is better than other place in jeju.
Frist reason, you do rest very relaxable. This resort is vert silent. And you do SPA that it give relaxable for you.
Second, you can play sport. For example, the sport that you can play possible golf, swimming, jogging, and ocean sport.
Third, you can enjoy cultural. cultural have media art gallery and art gallery. And this resort is architectural design was created by famous architect. Jeju phoenix island buildings draw plans by Tadao Ando and Mario Botta. They are very famous architect. So, this resort buliding is very creative and wonderful in harmony with nature. and you admire cultural in Jeju phoenix island. As a resert, Jeju phoenix island is a vert unique place for my thought.

- Yang Yongjin

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