Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hong Ga Nae Kalguksu (Mr Hong's handmade
chopped noodles)

Sumi Son

Do you know kalguksu? The name kalguksu literally means
'knife noodles', because it is not made by machine, but
person by hands with a knife. And this noodles is boiled
with chicken broth, slices of squash, carrot, scallion and
In the restaurant, Hong Ga Nae Kalguksu, the waitress
serves a small dish of chopped hot chili, some chili sauce
(we can put it in the kalguksu!!) and a jar of kimchi basically
one per table at first.
There are just two types of kalguksu and two types of
dumplings in the restaurant. And they have a rice cake and
dumpling soup as well. A bowl of boiled barley and rice is
offered with them. Furthermore you can reorder bowls of
boiled barley and rice as much as you like. It's free!
I have eaten just a kalguksu called Hong Ga Nae Kalguksu
and dumplings which have meat inside. These are
representative menu items for the restaurant and I would
highly recommend it. You can control the spiciness degree
by the chopped hot chili. I'd like to eat the rice in soup after
I finish the noodles.
Lastly, you can get coffee or hot chocolate from the free
vending machine after the meal. It will be nice to drink them!
You won't regret that you choose the restaurant. I promise.
Let's go!
It is located in front of KT near the Kal Hotel.

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